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Posted: 2023_02_14

File date: Unknown

Here's an old one... I'm not sure when I even made this. 2017? 2018? I didn't keep good track of my files up until recently, but I know it was pretty early into me really getting started with art. I'm still pretty proud of it, as it was one of the first completed pieces of art that I made for myself with one of my own characters.

The filename says "ipimipi" which is the name for the character before I decided to rename her "IXIOIXI" (pronouced: ick-see-oik-see) because it can be read the same both backwords AND upside down. :)

Posted: 2023_01_31

File date: 2023_01_31

Oops! January ended and all I got finished was that one illustration at the start of the year! I couldn't even bring myself to finish this one before I lost interest. I hate color.
I'm finding it hard to have enough time to sit down and finish art these days, I'm pretty slow with it. I got a ton of little thumbs and sketches and doodles and what-not, but nothing really "substantial"... I just really hate coloring things. I don't HAVE to but I WANT to.

I'll start doing some color studies and try to improve and get faster at coloring enough to slot finishing art into my ever diminishing free time.

Here's to Feburary!

Posted: 2023_01_02

File date: 2023_01_02

Year of the bun... nothing could pawsably go wrong! I have a good feeling. Last year was incredibly bad for me. Probably one of the worst years of my life, so this year will be fantastic, even if just by comparison. :P